Include Sports as elective subject from pre nursery to post graduate classes : Sachin tendulker

May 04, 2018 18:25 | Education&Sports

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 04/05/18

Bharat Ratan ,God of the Cricket Sachin Tendulker today launched at HPCA Stadium Dharamshala  ‘Star Khel Mahakumbh’ , a unique sports festival where youth across 5000 villages and 800 panchayats of Hamirpur Parliamentary area of the state  shall participate in it. Star Khel Mahakumbh is an amalgamation of six sports namely Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and Athletics and aims at seeking participation of One Lakh athletes .I must congratulate CBSE to included Sports as one of the elective subject in school course from class IX to class XII. But this is not enough, we must include sports as one of the elective  subject from pre nursery to the post graduation level.”

He said ,” HPCA Cricket Stadium Dharamshala is the most beautiful stadium of the world. Anuraag has played his innings to provide the best facilities in the stadium here and in other places of the state now it is our duty to use these facilities and produce best sports persons for the country.” Tendulkar advocated the maximum participation of girls in the field of sports. “My coach and the parents have  taught me to participate and win the games with sincerity .hard work and without any kind of cheating. This formula work for very long period,” said little master. He said that sports is the field  where we have to work together,” I could not have gathered so much runs if there was no body standing at the non striking end,” said tendulker.

He added ,” my family encouraged me to play, study  and  respect elders. This combination makes a person the legend. I want you all to be on this path.”  He further said ,” I played multiple sports like football, hockey, badminton, Kho Kho and  Kabbadi during my childhood. When we won 1983 cricket world cup, I decided that one day I too will won and lift this trophy for my country, and my journey of cricket started.”

Ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar said ,”By  2020 India shall have maximum youth population in India and we must bring sports out of it.

BJP MP of Hamirpur Parliamentary constituency and ex BCCI President  Anuraag thakur said on the occasion,” I firmly believe that sports has the power to shape personalities and contribute immensely towards the holistic growth of an individual. One top sportsman of the each discipline shall be chosen and rs one crore shall be spent on each of them for further coaching and training”

Anuraag said that Sachin has given his recommendations to parliament to uplift sports , and government must study and implement these in true spirit.

launched ‘Star Khel Mahakumbh’ today at an event held at HPCA Stadium, Dharamshala.

“The sports disciplines too have been selected keeping in mind the most common sports played by youth at Panchayat level, as these sports do not pose an infrastructural constraint. this will be a 5 year plan to groom and track their career growth so that they can do well for the country in near future.”

Lastly he said, “I would like to thank Sachin for making time for the launch of this campaign and interacting with the athletes. He stands as one of the tallest sportsperson across the length and breadth of the world and his presence will indeed will go a long way in encouraging these athletes and will further motivate others too to take up sports.”