Dhara 118 will be an issue between BJP and Congress

Mar 06, 2018 13:54 | Poltics

Shimla: On day one of the Vidhan sabha the Congress walks out of the sadan over the issue of Dhara 118.

( About Dhara 118: Tenancy & Land Reforms Act, 1972. Section 118 of the H.P. Tenancy and Land Reforms Act, 1972 provides for restriction on transfer of land in favour of a person who is not an agriculturist of the State. ... Chief Secretary (Revenue) to the Government of Himachal Pradesh.)

Congress MLA's wants a debate over this but the speaker pays no heed.

Under section 67 Congress leaders wants to discuss the matter but when they were not allowed they walks out of vidhan sabha accusing the present BJP government to play in the hands of certain people who has their own interests .

Leader of opposition Mukesh Agnihotri said that BJP government is in hurry to make changes in this and this is done as per the instructions from the certain BJP leaders who wants to get benefit out of this.