Himachal governments failure to implement Law is the cause of Kasouli incident: Bali

May 03, 2018 20:40 | Poltics

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 03/05/18

Ex Minister and the sr Congress leader of Himachal G S Bali accused the HP government for not making adequate arrangements for the safety of the government official in Kasouli , where Assistant Town and Country Planner Shail Bala was shot died during an anti-encroachment driveon Tuesday. Bali agreed that the repeated retentions policies made by the previous governments are also the cause of this incident.

“But the shooting and killing incident is the clear failure of the Jai ram Government,” said Bali.

Addressing the media at Dharamshala on Thursday Bali said that the killing of an official is though unfortunate but shameful for Himachal which is otherwise considered as the peaceful state. He said that the Supreme Court has also taken serious note of it. It is also shameful that the culprit escaped after killing the lady official in presence of the heavy police force.

Bali said the repeatedly enforced retention policies are made for vote politics and all governments are equally responsible for it. “The main question of the day is, how to stop illegal construction, and all the political parties, government and the public should work together on it,” said Bali. He said that Dharamshala, Manali, Shimla and Kasouli are the worst hit in this direction.

“Government must make an unchangeable law for construction in Himachal to stop illegal constructions and act on big fishes first to give lesson to small enterprisers,” said Bali.

Ex transport minister Bali said that the present BJP government which is lead by Jai Ram Thakur is working under pressure and favouring the private bus porters.