Rise in tourist influx to Shimla

Jul 06, 2018 17:27 | Tourism

A Spokesman of the H P Tourism department informed here today that influx of tourists visiting the state is picking up gradually this week and about 20 % increase in hotel bookings has been witnessed during the first week of June.

The Spokesman said that tourists are now once again rushing to Shimla in large numbers and added that previous advance bookings are also still standing on records. This number is likely to increase in coming weeks and number of tourists visiting the year in the month of June will reach at par with previous years soon, he said.

He said that normally tourists from all over the country visit Shimla in groups and those bookings are still standing on records as no cancellation has been noticed and there is no effect on the big hotels who adjust such tourists. He said that about slight downfall in hotel bookings and travel industry (Taxi's etc.) was observed during end of month of May which also pertained to  those tourists who visit shimla without prior bookings and this had an effect on hotels with less capacity. He said that queries were coming up from tourists regarding water availability, bandhs and road blockages which were being tackled reasonably as now there is no shortage of water, weather has also become pleasant after rains and peace prevails in the city. Hence, such tourists are also heading towards to Shimla now to spend vacations and rush of tourists is expected during weekends, he added.