Deepika Kathuria of NIPER has bagged the Newton-Bhabha fellowship

Jul 11, 2018 17:32 | Chandigarh

Deepika Kathuria of NIPER has bagged the Newton-Bhabha fellowship as per declared results by DST (New Delhi) and British council (London, UK). She a Ph.D. research scholar from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), SAS Nagar. Earlier also students from NIPER has shown their mark and brings the laurels to the institution.

Deepika is currently working under the supervision of Prof. P. V. Bharatam in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. Hailing from Rohtak in Haryana, Ms. Deepika is a DST Inspire fellow in the institute. Her research includes synthesizing and developing the new molecules for the treatment of leishmania (Kala azar). This fellowship is being sponsored by the British Council and the Government of India, which provides the opportunity for four months stay and research experience for Ms. Deepika at University of Sheffield, UK. There, she is learning advanced techniques of cell culture and development of anti-Alzheimer agents while working with Prof. Beining Chen, a professor in Medicinal Chemistry. This type of exchange visits of the scholars of NIPER is keeping the progressive environment of NIPER and ensuring that it competes with the best in the world. These efforts of the scholars from NIPER are being hailed by the entire scientific community in Tricities.