BJP party holders joins Congress in Sujanpur, shows their faith under Rajiender Ranas leader ship

Jan 09, 2019 16:25 | Poltics

Sujanpur: 9 January 2019: BJP workers of Patlander area today joined Congress party.

They have shown their faith under the leadership of Rajender Rana a seasoned politician and senior party leader of Congrees party form Sujanpur area of Hamirpur loksabha constituency.

This is an anotehr jolt to the BJP when the loksabha elections are near asnd all the political parties trying hard to keep their perospects live. The party workers who are said to be the back bone of any party moving at this time of hour is alarming for the BJP. 

It is clear that Rajender Rana still holds his ground firmily in the area. 

Those who have joined and shown their faith in Rana are Ompraksah, Asha Devi, Vishal Kumar, Rashi, Surender Kumar, Sunny Kumar, Madan Lal, Pawan Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Surenedr Kumar, Sushma Devi, Kiran Kumari , mamta Devi, Tripta, Kamla Devi, Veena devi, Suman Kumari, Raksha Devi, Raghuvir Singh, Azgir Singh, Rajkumar, Sunil Kumar,  and Manohar Lal.

On this occassion Rajinder Rana also address the gathering and said that BJP has not fullfilled any of there promise and this is the reason that people are looking for better goverence. He said that in the coming loksabah elecetions under the leadership of Raja Virbhader Singh Congress will win all the four seats.