Virbhader and Sukhu supporters creates ruckus in the party meet today at Shimla

Jan 17, 2019 18:52 | Poltics

Shimla: 17 January 2019: In a congress party meeting today at Shimla organised for the cornation cermony of newely elected HP Congress president Kuldip Thakur turened into a battle ground when the supporters of Virbhader Singh campa and former president Sukkhu started raising slogans against each other in the presence of Rajni Patil who is the party incharge for Himachal Pradesh.

Supporters come to blows after heated argumnts and many got serously hurt in this. 

The problem started when the statement of former CM Virbhader Singh where he describes the party workers inducted by Sukhhu as useless creature and has no value in the party and in the  organisation. This has offeneded many and Sukhu also responded by saying that there is no need of Virbhader Singh to win elections in Himachal Pradesh.

Todays fight clearly shows that in comming days more problem will come and with this it is clear that congress is divided into two groups.

The loksabha elections are near and this fight certianily will give cheers in the camp of BJP.


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