Special Camps on 23rd and 24th February for enrolment of left out eligible voters

Feb 20, 2019 19:59 | Poltics

Chief Electoral Officer H.P. Devesh Kumar today said that in view of general election for Lok Sabha 2019, special camps will be organised at every polling station on 23rd and 24th February, 2019 for enrolment of left out eligible voters in the State.

He said that Booth Level Officers (BLOs) shall remain present in the camps along with the copies of final electoral rolls 2019. One copy of the electoral rolls shall be made available in the polling station so that electors can check their names in the rolls. The electoral rolls shall also be read out publically during the camp to facilitate illiterate voters. BLO shall keep adequate copies of Forms 6, 7, 8 and 8A with him/her to facilitate filling up forms by interested persons.

Devesh Kumar said that all recognised political parties should depute their Booth Level Agents (BLAs) to remain present in camps. Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) holders must also check their name in electoral rolls and fill up Form 6, if their name does not exist in the roll for some reason. EPIC is only identification document and does not guarantee franchise if name of the person is not in the electoral roll of the concerned polling station.

He said that all forms received during these campaign days shall be disposed of by 7th March, 2019 positively. BLOs must immediately complete the physical verification and then submit report to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO). ERO should complete the due process of law and dispose-off the forms received during the camps within 11 days (i.e. by 7th March 2019).

Devesh Kumar said that registration can also be made through NVSP Portal by visiting link: www.nvsp.in and inquires can also be made by calling Toll free number 1950. Assembly constituency-wise data entry in respect of forms received during camps shall be done on the website of the commission at CEO's portal by 25th February, 2019 and information about disposal of forms would be given through website by 7th March, 2019.