Tips for prosperity

Feb 20, 2019 20:11 | Health & Religion

Astrotherapist MP Pathania

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Due to the modern day life the routines of majority of people is not as per the biological clock of the universe, as a result unhealthy life style leading to physical and mental problems. Earlier people had little demands and they were happy with whatever they had, they used to sleep early and get up early resulting in good healthy worriless and long life. Now time has changed demands are frequently changing everybody wants to be on the top of the world and to achieve all this we are working day night ..

 To achieve this your first work should be to clean your house if house is cleaned by sunrise and no dust around the first rays of the sun give positive energy to the house, Sun is the universal life giver, its positive energy sharpen the intellect of Mercury, the harmonious balance of Venus is created, Ketu  the moksha karka will enhance the higher spiritual level through meditation in clean and calm atmosphere, as this will boost the concentration, wisdom of Jupiter gets manifested, courage and stamina of Mars gets channelized, keeps mind the moon fresh and calm, sleeping after sun rise not only  weakens the bodily constitute but also increases the negative effects of Saturn and Rahu increasing laziness, roughness in behavior, and make one wanderer. And one faces obstacles. If you want to make your life successful then work daily and attract positive energy. 
Clutter at home not only blocks energy, but causes inconvenience and wastage of space and valuable time. Everything in the house should be at its place. When your home is tidy, it’s easier for you to concentrate on tasks at hand. Like a neat kitchen allows you to concentrate on a good cooking and a neat bedroom aids in good sleeping ,dirt and messes have a way of making us tense, discontented, worried and anxious. We all are part of this universe must follow some universal routines….