Mercury the planet of intellect and communication

Feb 27, 2019 11:24 | Health & Religion




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The planet represents one's intelligence and communication skills. Mercury turning retrograde is a period in which people should avoid making important decisions and purchases. During the Mercury retrograde cycle people should concentrate on working on themselves. Its effect on different moon signs will be as below: 


Aries :As it is going to be retrograde in your 12th house , Take a look inside yourself, meditate and refine your intuitive awareness with the Cosmos. Evaluate your internal barriers, and do something to change them .You will achieve success in the field of education, knowledge and religion .You may take up some charitable job to help others.

Taurus :  Here it will have impact on your 11th house. Call friends that you have not seen in a long time. Re-evaluate your dreams, or go back and revive an old one that you gave up on a long time ago.Take follow up for the money you have lent.

Gemini : Here the house of profession is under this impact , Re-evaluate your value system regarding power and success. Re-analyse your career. Don't ask your boss for a pay increase during this period. Don't start a new career unless you have already worked in the same field in the past.

Cancer : When your luck and higher education is the matter of concern, Re-evaluate your standards. Brush up or learn something again. Redo a thesis that you prepared for college. Call a former professor. Reschedule travel plans, but don't travel to another country during this period.

Leo : here your mercury  will have its impact on 8th house, Rethink a decision that you’ve made. Go back to a closed chapter in your life. Reinvest your money. Redo a partnership. Make love with an “ex” that still lives in your heart. Rejuvenate and restart.

Virgo : house of partnership is under consideration , Change the type of people that you hang out with, or change your relationship standards. . Don't select a wedding date because you may regret it later. Don't even think about getting married when Mercury retrogrades. You should also not start a partnership; hire a lawyer or a new agent. Meet with someone that worked for you in the past.

Libra : Pay more attention to your daily routine, Organize your work desk, and throw away everything that you don't have any use for anymore. Analyse your current projects, and rearrange your routine. Improve your health, and change your diet if necessary. Ask your doctor for a check-up.

Scorpio :Recreate everything in your life, even if you think everything is complete. Call an old forgotten relationship clear up misunderstandings. Evaluate your relationship with your children, and visit the ones who live far way.

Sagittarius : If staying away then . Call your parents, go for a visit or change the way you communicate with them.  Redecorate your home, and if necessary, change the furniture around or repaint the walls. Try changing old childhood or family standards that no longer match your personality and confuse you emotionally.

Capricorn : Here the planet of communication will affect your speech. Pay attention to the way you communicate. Don’t schedule trips and meetings , Pay attention to your electronics. Don’t indulge in gossips.

Aquarius : Reconsider the ways you deal wither other especially in financial matters  and the way you chose to earn your money. Are you happy with everything you have? Should you start thinking about saving more money in order to avoid having problems with paying your debts, or maybe you need to be less attached to your material possession?

Pisces : Mercury will turn retrograde in your 1st house   will have direct impact upon your personality, Look in the mirror and see if you like your appearance. Recreate your image , get new clothes, or change the way you approach other people.