Venus....The planet which can make you successful beyond belief.

Mar 01, 2019 21:54 | Health & Religion

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A well placed venus gives sharp intellect, spontaneity is their plus point. they grow from low to normal to big stage in life. Though they taste everything in life but don’t get addicted to anything..their spouse and children can neither understand them nor control them. 
A benefic Venus with Ketu bestows the native with a magnetic power to to achieve something distinguished in life..with Saturn in the fields of literature .Venus with Mars people are quite attractive and sensual in looks and will have contact with friends who are of higher status.. Venus with Mercury make people good public speakers with fair and balanced thinking.. Venus with Jupiter these people have well defined aesthetic sense and good at preaching, they command due to their wealth of knowledge. Venus with Rahu makes the person obsessed about comfort and money. This conjunction  mostly have attracted and magnetic look also will have manipulative capabilities. Venus with sun reach to higher status in life. They romantic can be flirts. Venus with moon makes the person beauty lover and cleanliness freakier. they are highly sensitive to criticism and rejection...
to please the planet Venus worship goddess durga on Friday..
wear diamond after consulting .
doshukrabeej mantra japa.
feed the poors.. 
always respect the wemen.
keep your surroundings sparkling clean.