Week Days and Food to enhance the positivity of Planets

Mar 03, 2019 22:06 | Health & Religion

Food consumed on respective days can strengthen the planets for their better results.
Sun.(Sunday )..all fruits and plants.likegurh red pulses red meat wheat red fruits , peppers

Moon (Monday )...watermelon, pumpkin ans cucumber. Rice ghee milk curd sujji salt sugar cashew nut radishes etc.

Mars (Tuesday )..mangoes dates and pineapple masoor dal gurh pomegranate  cinnamon Honey .

Mercury (Wednesday ). All kind of food like greendaaltorai bottle guard green fruits  green vegetables meats Barley.

Jupiter (Thursday )..Lemon orange and banana chanadaal yellow sweets Turmeric butter(leave butter if over weight) .

Venus (Friday ).Nuts such and almost pistachio white sweets fruits meats sugar sujji fennel seeds after food.

Saturn (Saturday )..All kinds of food especially preparedin mustard oil. Meats black daal black till.

Heavenly bodies continuously roam in the universe and effects the life with the rays they pass. Have a blessed day.