Sleep and Astrology

Mar 04, 2019 19:53 | Health & Religion

Astrotherapist MP Pathania



The karaka for sleep is Moon as it indicates peace of mind , then 12th house of the natal chart deals with the sleep. If there is malefic influence of planets in 12th house, 12th sign and the 12th lord the native will have paralyzed sleep. Mercury deals with thought communication logic and the nervous system so this also plays an important role in the matter of stress ,And can give unusual dreams resulting disturbed sleep. Saturn giver restriction, limitations and fear, its bad aspect can give stressed sleep. Mars also plays a big role here as it deal with action and energy. Rahu placed in 12th may create insomnia. Whenever the 12th house , sign and the lord is under the malefic aspect either by natal position or in transit the sleep of the native gets disturbed and may have unusual dreams. For sound sleep clear your mind from all sot of negativity and fears Wear shades of blue , white ,pink and cream, keep your bedroom clutter free , have light shade on the walls of your bed room. Your bedroom should get sufficient sunlight and moonlight. Get early by Sunrise and water your plants.

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