Daily Horoscope , Astrology predictions for 6th of March 2019

Mar 06, 2019 7:37 | Health & Religion


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Good day to socialize with friends and relatives. Your confidence and spontaneity will be at peak. You will gain through meeting up people today. Good time to work on new challenges. Wear orange to boost your confidence your lucky no is 18.


Though there are lot of ups and downs but with your practical approach you will over your seniors at work and will be rewarded well for your efforts. Stay committed to whatever job you take up. Wear blue for better concentration your lucky no is 20.


You will feel little low today, certain emotional issues may give stress. But your easy acceptance towards odds will help you to overcome the situation.It all depends upon you how manage your luck.Wear yellow for positivity your lucky no is 30.


Be firm to your own ideology don’t get swayed by other people’s view point. Stick to one agenda at one time. And don’t take major decisions today .Try to spend time as simply as possible. Wear rust for financial matters your lucky no is 13.


Your devotion and commitment will be rewarded at your professional place Your seniors will be happy with your new business strategies.Extend a sense of understanding towards your partner or associates. Wear maroon for important projects your lucky no is 19.


Your intellectual discriminating quality will be higher today, Remain alert while working lest you may suffer from problems-especially in money related matters.. You will put your front very strongly to solve certain emotional issues. Wear sea Green for handling joint projects your no is 38.


Do not be irregular in your food habit lest you may suffer from an upset stomach. Be careful while indulging in to any conversation there are high chances of getting misunderstood. Your partner my demand too much. Wear blue for clear vision your lucky no is 28.

The day is filled with surprises and promises great deals for business people. You will be capable of turning peoples head with your charm. This is a nice time to pursue creative activities like poems and other write-ups as well. Wear cream for creative activities your lucky no is 34.


Good day to socialize with friend Money and family are the key issues. You will put all your efforts to turn opportunities in to rewards good time to work on financial issues. People will be full of praise for you and will appreciate your qualities.Wear yellow for group discussions your lucky no is 14.


Optimism is at the higher level to have deep insight into relationships with others. Your mature and sensible approach will win others heart’s. you will feel confident, you can take important  financial decisions, take up sale and purchase deals, start new projects etc. Wear black to boost your earthy properties your lucky no is 17.


You will win respect from your subordinates. Your independent and friendly approach will take to to higher level of achievements. . Evaluate your inner feelings and recognize your strengths and act accordingly. Wear sky blue to enhance your charisma your lucky no is 16.


You will remain socially active,too many plans on mind may keep you away from the practical aspect of the situation, You may take advantage of your apprehensive, disturbed and sorrowful state of mind and may contribute towards writing poems, painting etc. try to be focused. Wear bright yellow for balancing mental energy your lucky no is 3.