The purpose of our life

Mar 06, 2019 7:49 | Health & Religion

Being who we are is of highest importance. It’s the foundation for success in any area of life. No matter what we are trying to do or pursue it always starts with us. If we at all times, regardless of our outer circumstances, are in the core of our self then we always will be at peace. The core of our self is the true spiritual being that we are which eternally exists in the spiritual dimension. It is the one thing that we never will loose.

Love is our true home in the essence of our souls. It’s the source of everything and when we reconnect and align ourselves with it the purpose of our existence reaches its highest stage. When we are connected and aligned with that pure love in our hearts we become vehicles for its innate nature of ever expanding bliss.
Outer circumstances are temporary. They will in time change. We all know that our body will not live forever. It changes over time and will at some point cease to be. This is the nature of the material world. It’s how it works. It’s bound to time and change. 
Is your past making your life miserable? Do you have an unhappy personal story that keeps you feeling down? The past is gone and no matter what have happened to you it’s time to release it.

All your wishes and dreams lies in you waiting for you to be ready for them to occur. It’s a part of self realization to discover who we are by letting our potentials and abilities manifest in this world. Our dreams will manifest when our inner state becomes harmoniously aligned with them. Then they automatically will begin to grow and blossom in this reality. 
Your body is not who you are, it’s only a temporary manifestation. You are a spirit soul that exists eternally beyond the material world. The material world is bound to time. Everything in it has a beginning and an end, it is not lasting. Sooner or later we have to leave everything we have here so why not now?
The now is always new. That is why children are excited and happy because anything that comes to them are of interest. It means something to explore, something to experience, something to interact with, something to play with. We can live our life in this way too.
We are all unique expressions of our source. At our core we are connected. When we awaken we will see in others the same love that is in the essence of our being. We will see and realize that we are a family. Then we automatically out of love wants to do good and be of service to others. This will transform our world.
The miracle of life is happening now. It will always be happening now, it’s the only place for it to happen. The past and the future are also in the now, just seen from different points of views. In this moment you are seeing the now from this perspective. Walking your path, your unique path through life is an incredible gift. You have your story, your dreams and you are who you are. The power in that should never be forgotten. You see, that is truly a miracle. You are a miracle. Your path through life is a miracle too. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Astrotherapist MP Pathania



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