Daily Horoscope , Astrology predictions for 8th March 2019

Mar 07, 2019 21:39 | Health & Religion


Your energies are scattered in different directions, you will not be able to concentrate on your work. You may find it difficult to be in cheerful mood. Wear red to boost your energy chakra your lucky no is 27.

You will be in a leisure mood today. It is a time when you can focus on long term goals. Being practical and ambitious you will be ready to face challenges. Wear pink for socializing  your lucky no is 11.

With a fresh, playful approach you can enliven your circumstances today. If you have been waiting for some good news in your professional life, today might be the day. Your long term goals will start taking shape by the end of the day. Parrot green for attracting business proposals 16.

Today you decide to get stuck into those items that need your utmost and immediate attention. Your dynamic and powerful approach will get you success in your social and personal life. A short trip will brighten your mood, Wear silver grey for harmony and balance your lucky no is 4.

Your impatience may lead you to unnecessary anxiety. Don’t let your emotions to take charge on your mind. Postpone financial decisions for some other day. Spend time with your family. Wear yellow to keep your spirit high your lucky no is 1.
Your attention to details will gain appreciation. A great day for business dealings, people in partnership will do good. You will be able to finish your work quickly and efficiently. Wear green for material prosperity your lucky no is 14.
A day filled with pleasure and business your social connections will grow. You will get new ways for growth and expansion. You will be able to get positive attention from others. Wear indigo to  put your imagination in to action your lucky no is 25.
Wait for some time to take any long-term decision, you may feel insecure and may remain lost in your own inner world, children may become demanding. Wear yellow for mental clarity and clear vision your lucky no is 20.

Don’t be over sensitive over small issues; be positive things will come under control by evening. At work you may get help from your seniors. Your optimism will help you to get over the adverse situation. Wear orange to boost mental energy your lucky no is 26.

You will not be able to maintain balance between your efforts and goals. May feel lot of pressure at work. Bear in mind that those around you may not share your enthusiasm or vision. Avoid gossips. Wear pale white for group discussions your lucky no is 9.
With your positive approach you will be able make others understand your ideology. A great day to achieve desired results. Family matters will seek attention. Wear white for long term financial decisions your lucky no is 21.

You will be very confident, a great day to make new plans. You want to belong on a private, intimate, personal level... to be needed, and to feel it’s okay to have needs. Your selfless deed will be appreciated. Wear rust to boost your stamina your lucky no is 10.

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