Daily Horoscope , Astrology predictions for 18th March 2019

Mar 17, 2019 20:25 | Health & Religion


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You will be able to defeat your enemies and get success in long pending legal proceedings. There will be a major contribution of women behind your great success. Wear rust for better expression your lucky no is 30.



You may disappoint your officers/ seniors and your modesty may become an obstacle in your work. You should perform moral acts and try to avoid arguments, take blessings of your mother. Wear white for the important meetings your lucky no is 6.



You will get the support of your friends and elders, who will also help you in your work. You will become courageous, energetic and enthusiastic. Your communication will get you wonders. Wear your yellow for material gains your lucky no is 12.



Your wealth and happiness will increase. You will become efficient at your work. you will also get the strength to win over discussions. This is an auspicious time for starting new ventures. Wear brown too boost your energy your lucky no is 1.


You will be disappointed and your self-confidence will also be affected. You should follow the path of truth . Your family members may suffer from some health ailments.Dont get panic over small issues. Wear peach for  harmonyand strength your lucky no is 28.



You  will  remain more active and restless  avoid any conflicts as it may influence his mental capacity . You may also feel that something wrong is going to happen, which may increase your stress. Wear Aqua blue to attract financial luck your lucky no is 5.


You should keep this laziness aside. You may get separated from a valued possession, may have to face cough and stomach related problems. Wear black to strengthen your charisma your lucky no is 17.


You will achieve success through your efforts. His expenditures will be limited and your savings will increase,will stay happy and will also achieve success appropriate to your efforts. Your enemies will not try to cause  any harm. Wear orange to enhance your creative skills your lucky no is 19.


You will remain in low esteem, there can be physical ailment. Finances will not go as per your plans. Hold on major projects for some time avoid any type of discussion. Wear off white to avoid mood swings your lucky no is 14.



You may face health related problems ,may feel stressed due to some bad news. You should avoid getting involved in conflicts , may have to bear joint pains. Wear pink to cheer your mood your lucky no is 8.



You will be less fortunate and may face various obstacles in your work. You may have to follow the command of others. You will be inclined towards spirituality or may visit some religious place. Wear sea green to remove anxiety your lucky no is 23.



You will become hard-working and feel energetic. You will get the support of your friends and relatives. You will also inherit positive and moral qualities during this time. Wear Pale white for better execution of your skills your lucky no is 36.

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