Cm Sh Jai Ram Thakur Ji at Barsar , Hamirpur . Yuva Sammelan

Mar 29, 2019 20:02 |

Chief Minister and BJP leader Sh Jai Ram Thakur said the former congress government had cheated the youth on the issue of Unemployment allowance, thus could not fulfill the promises made to the youth. He said this in a gathering organized by the youth wing of BJP at Barsar constituency of Distt. Hamirpur. The Chief Minister said, the youth is the future of our nation, keeping this in mind the BJP government at the centre and the state have started a lot of social and upliftment schemes for the youth. He said, the state government has started Chief Minister Swablamban scheme, in which 60 lac rupees loan can be obtain with 30 % subsidy, not only this in the skill development programme for the youth a 100 crore budget allotment for the next financial year has been done.

He said, all the four candidate of Bhartiya Janta Party have been chosen for their great work in respective fields. He has appealed to the people to vote for BJP that is running a strong and a successful government in centre under the leadership of Sh. Narender Modi.

Jai Ram Thakur said that the efforts put in by the workers of BJP will not fail and party will win all four seats with flying colors. The Congress party knows it will loose, this is on reason that the leaders of congress party are not willing to take the ticket. He said that the Modi government in the centre has taken good care of all the sections of society and the development for all is historic in its self. Before the BJP rule Congress government ruled for 10 years and their tenure was full of corruptions. On this occasion a lot of families left congress and joined BJP today.