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You can be highly intuitive and emotional, and your sense of boundaries can be off.  Your dreams  seems more important, and there will be messages for you within them. Creativity will be heightened, so this is a good day for those in artistic fields.  Wear brown for mental stability, your lucky no is 27.
 Expressing yourself as an individual is important to you, and you won’t be held back. You like innovation and individuality. This is an excellent time to get unstuck if you’ve been feeling trapped, Wear white to balance your emotions, your lucky no is 32.

Action will be geared towards what you can do to improve your standing, being more attuned to your social status. You will also be more sensitive to what people say and think about you. Wear green to promote positivity , your lucky no is 24.

you’re lighter, less serious, and more optimistic, feeling like life is just positively endless.  There are no fences that can hold you in and no limit to how high you can fly.  Make sure to take advantage of those good feelings. Wear off white to connect your mental energy with physical actions, your lucky no is 11.

Obsession is something to beware of though, and you can get lost in a momentary fixation. You focus on deeper issues, and your emotions are intense and powerful. Deep-seated fears, desires, and issues can be touched on easily. Wear burnt yellow for clear vision and wisdom your lucky no is 28.
 If you’re overly protective or needy, this could make things worse. If you’ve been having problems in your relationships, this is the time to work it out. You want to strike emotional balance, feeling harmony is the way to go. This is a good day to make compromises, with yourselves and with others. Wear azure to balance your chakras, your lucky no is 23.

Coming up with solutions will be  easier, and you can work out your schedule, understanding what can be sacrificed and what can’t. You won’t stop until everything is finished, and you will pay more attention to the little things. Productivity is high and you understand which tasks must get done now and which can wait for later.   Wear sky blue to clear mental barriers your lucky no is 33.
You’re more creative, in tune with your emotions and channeling them through creative outlets. You may be in the mood for love and romance, and want to spend time being romantic with someone special. You are more in need of attention and affection, wanting to know that people love and appreciate you as you  are. Wear pale white to to promote mental peace and calmness, your lucky no is 36.

You will preffer to spend more time at home and with loved ones, replenishing your foundations.  Being nurturing to yourself and others comes easily, Memories can be stronger, and you may use them to understand your subconscious mind better.  Wear green to improve vibrancy and inner peace, your lucky no is 3.

There can be lots of communications, and you could take a short trip somewhere, perhaps to replenish yourself emotionally. Making an improvement to your close environment can make you feel better right now, as well as being actively engaged in your community. Wear dark grey to align uour thoughts and actions, your lucky no is 26.

You may need to watch for overindulgence, especially food-related (and especially if you’re watching your weight), so remember everything in moderation. Put off imortant decisions for some other time especially related to longterm investments. Wear blue for material comforts your lucky no is 44.

You will be more impulsive, so if you already lean that way, you’ll need to watch yourself more carefully. You can be very aware of subtle energies around you, and feel more nurturing of others. Taking some time to meditate or get in touch with your inner world can be easily attained now, and you can make it a positive experience. Wear oceanic blue to create positive aura around you,  your lucky no is 7.


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