Daily Astro predictions April 9th, 2019

Apr 09, 2019 19:47 | Health & Religion

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Your mind will be involved with family, family history, speech and wealth, you would be close to your family and family assets and would be very much about raising a family more than ever. You will win over conversation as you opt for more adaptable and flexible manner than usual. Some emotional or romantic encounter will cheer up you spirit. Wear flash white for financial luck, your lucky no is 2. 
Energy will be higher, and you want to be audacious. Doing something physical, like hiking, biking, swimming, running, or dancing, is a good way to use the extra energy. Expressing your feelings might be a strong desire. Wear beige to support your adventurous skills your lucky no is 41.

Many may give in to escapism; that’s fine if it’s just for a day or two, but if you know you don’t know when to stop, then don’t give in to the temptation. You can be highly intuitive and emotional, and our sense of boundaries can be off. Put off important decision for some other day.Wear blue to align mind and action, you’re lucky no is 23.


You may tend to do things you might never think of doing before and therefore get you moving forward. Expressing yourself as an individual will be important to you, and you won’t be held back. Spend time over new ideas and concepts, or doing something good for humanity. Wear Cream to increase charm in your aura, lucky no is 9.


You  will get  more opportunities to improve your earnings and taking your work to another higher level . Making sure you’re choosing to surround yourself with people who will support your endeavors and whom you support as well can be a focus Wear lime shade to boost your mental energy your lucky no is 19.


Emotionally you will remain lighter, less serious, and more optimistic, feeling like life is just positively endless. Make sure to take advantage of these good feelings, because this might be the best of the month. Wear  green to put your ideas in to action your lucky no is 23.


You focus on deeper issues, and your emotions are intense and powerful. You can sway between strong emotions. Anything that requires you to be more investigative and do a lot of research can be done with zeal now. Take care of financial matters, sudden expenses can hit your budget.Wear pink for balancing emotional plane, your lucky no is 24.

You will work to strike emotional balance, feeling harmony is the way to go. This is a good moon to make compromises, with yourself and with others. You’re behavior around others is pleasant, kind, and nurturing. What others say to you, especially about you and your life, can have a greater impact on you and cause emotional distress.  Wear light brown to stay grounded, your lucky no is 7.


 Coming up with solutions is easier, and your can work out your schedule, understanding what can be sacrificed and what can’t. Seniors and colleagues will appreciate your work strategies. Your health can be a concern, and this is a good time to schedule a checkup. Eating better, exercising, and getting adequate sleep will seem important. Wear Rust to enhance your energy chakra, your lucky no is 30.


You will be in the mood for love and romance, and want to spend time being romantic with someone special. Your children may make you more emotional, or you could have a stronger desire for children or to spend time with children. Laziness can set in  regards to your daily responsibilities, choosing to just play rather than work. Wear silver grey to avoid anxiety your lucky no is 5.

You will  remain occupied in your dreamy world, there are chances of an accident. You may feel more private, keeping things to yourself and remaining quiet. Evaluate your roots, your inner foundation, and how well those have been cultivated and what changes, if any, need to be made to strengthen them.  Wear cream to remove negativity your lucky no is 18.


Mental energy will be high, and if you’re normally an emotional person, this transit can make your emotions cloud your capacity for reason and logic. Words can wound you with ease if you’re too sensitive. You can communicate how you’re feeling more easily, and probably want to, especially about old hurts, and go over other people’s feelings as well.  Wear parrot green for the social gathering your lucky no is 32.

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