Daily Astro predictions April 10th, 2019

Apr 10, 2019 19:06 | Health & Religion


Expenses will be more than your planning or money will not come on time. Do not spend impulsively rather a good time of the month to sit down and organize your monthly budget. You may feel a surge in romantic attraction, and want to do something special for your love. Wear yellow to add more charm to your persona, your lucky no is 1.


You will have a strong drive to get things done, and will remain occupied in accomplishing many tasks. Confidence can be better, and decisions come easier. Impulsiveness and sensitivity can reign supreme and you may feel yourself. Wear Indigo to improve wisdom, your lucky no is 44.


You will be highly intuitive and emotional, and your sense of boundaries can be off. Creativity will be heightened, so this will be a good period for those in artistic fields. Don’t let yourself become overly emotional or you may become directionless .Wear pale white to channelize your energy ,your lucky no is 6.


You will enjoy a very good time with friends and company. Your mind will remain quite stable too. You will get a new energy and courage to bring down enemies and achieve success in your accomplishments. Some female luck is also indicated. Wear silver to increase your charisma, your lucky no is11,


Some lucrative business or professional trips will take place, your seniors will appreciate your work. Your will feel very energetic and blessed. Family and friends also render full support. Overall, this is a good day for wealth accumulation and fame.  Wear white for material comforts ,your lucky no is 20.


Don’t take important decisions. You might develop some disagreement or dispute with father or teacher. Body may pain also keeps you troubled, especially in hips, thighs, and legs.  You might indulge in some charity work or go for a religious trip.  Wear blue to calm down Anxiety, your lucky no is 33.


You should avoid any arguments. Some depression and stress will prevails. You might face some unnecessary fears and anxiety too. The feeling of loneliness will keep you troubled. Wear jade green to remove negativity your lucky no is 3.



Love and romance will increase in life. You will enjoy a healthy and happy relationship with spouse. You will also achieve success in endeavours and partner will be very encouraging of your efforts too. This is a good time to travel as well. Wear sparkling red to energise your heart your lucky no is 45. 


This is a good time to complete important projects. Working will remain tied to your emotions, and working hard and getting things done will make you feel at ease. Investments also turn out to be profitable during this period. Health will remain stable though there can be sudden expenses. Wear off white for financial luck and status upliftment your lucky no is 7.


You continuous dreamy state will hamper your performance at work you will not meet expectations during this time, which could affect your reputation. Some stomach related problems may bother you. Take guidance from the elderly people for important decisions. Wear cocoa brown to balance your mental energy your lucky no is 26.


You will become more emotional, matter related to the heart will keep you disturbed.  Money matters also require caution. Take a break from the daily routine and relax. A good day for self-inspection and evaluating your roots. Wear aqua blue to calm down your mood swings your lucky no is 12.


You will be able to achieve your  desired goals. Mental energy is high, and if you’re normally an emotional person, this transit can make your emotions cloud your capacity for reason and logic. You need constant mental action or restlessness will set in, and then comes the irritability, and then comes the fighting. Avoid gossips. Wear cream for better expression your lucky no is 21.

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