Excise Commissioner directs to continue campaign against illicit liquor

May 04, 2019 19:03 |

The Commissioner of State Taxes & Excise Himachal Pradesh Rajeev Sharma held a state level  meeting to review the action taken by the 54 departmental special task force teams (STF) constituted for the implementation of the Model Code of Conduct for the Lok Sabha Election 2019.

The Commissioner directed all the officers to continue the campaign  for catching illicit and illegal liquor during the Model code of conduct on a war footing.  

The Districts in-charge of the bordering district was also directed to coordinate with the counterparts in the neighbouring States for effective control over inter-state movement of liquor.

He further directed that strict compliance of dry days declared 48 hours before the close of polling and on the counting day be observed. 

He said that the Department of State Taxes & Excise, Himachal Pradesh has seized liquor to the tune of 340284 Bls valued at Rs. 6.89 crore during the Model Code of Conduct for the Lok Sabha Election, 2019 from 10th March, 2019 to 3rd May, 2019. The seized liquor includes Country Liquor, IMFL, Beer and Lahan. He said that the liquor was found illegally stored, being transported illegally or being sold by smugglers and boot legers.

The Commissioner said that to curb the illicit, illegal storage and sale of liquor during the Model Code of Conduct period total 6115 raids were conducted by the departmental special task force teams (STF). The department has lodged 24 FIRs against liquor smugglers for possession and its sale of illegal liquor.

All Additional Commissioners, Zonal Collectors and all Deputy Commissioner of Districts along with the In-charges of enforcement zones were present during the meeting.