Daily Astro predictions May 9th, 2019

May 08, 2019 19:07 | Health & Religion




You will be  motivated by a desire for variety and by an instinctive curiosity. Constant mental action or restlessness can create irritability. Multi tasking is better to balance your mental energy and stamina. Avoid unnecessary gossips. Wear blue for better expression your lucky no is 20.


 You will be  little predictable and boring during this transit, so don’t schedule anything now that requires you to break out of the box and be daring. You may need to watch for overindulgence. There are chances of picking up fights due to your witty tongue. Wear white to enhance calmness, your lucky no is 22.


You will jump at the chance to do new things, and are a little more hot-tempered. Your communication will be sarcastic, balancing your emotions will be difficult for you. Doing something physical will be a good way to use extra energy. Wear your yellow for wisdom, your lucky no is 12.


You will be overly sensitive, retreat may be necessary as you will find reality too harsh as of now. Don’t get panic over small issues. You should follow the path of truth . Helping out needy people will enhance inner peace. Wear pink to strengthen your aura, your lucky no is 1.

Rebellion is the name of the game – just make sure your actions are for a purpose, and not just to be a rebel. Unless you’re a teenager, that’s just really dumb. There will be desire for more freedom and less restriction. Wear saffron for harmony and strength your lucky no is 28.


You will be more sensitive to what people say and think about you. Issues related to your social status, career, and authority figures will occupy your subconscious mind and will remain overly involved in your work. Wear Aqua blue to boost your practical vision, your lucky no is 5.

You will be submersing yourself in a fantasy novel, spending time in your dreamy world , away from your daily routine. You could be more emotionally attached to your beliefs now, so watch for getting in arguments over them by being too fanatical. Wear black for deep meditation,  your lucky no is 17.

You will be swayed between strong emotions, Deep-seated fears and desires will distract you from completing your daily tasks.You might in jealousy and possessiveness in intimate relationships. Wear orange to increase positivity, your lucky no is 19.

What others think about you, especially about your personal life will have a greater impact on you and will cause emotional distress. Try to see things from their point of view as well, and don’t ask for opinions if you don’t want to hear the truth.Wear off white to avoid mood swings your lucky no is 14.


You will strive to bring a little more structure and organization to your life. Eating better, exercising, and getting adequate sleep will seem important, and any problems with your health can be felt more, so pay attention to what your body’s telling you, as this may be the best time to figure out what needs tweaking.   Wear off white to relax your mind, your lucky no is 8.


You will feel more connected with others when engaging in creative pursuits or just playing around, having fun. You will be in the mood for love and romance, and want to spend time being romantic with someone special. Wear cream to attract love and romance your lucky no is 23.


Understanding your intimate relationships, especially your familial ones, can be centre point of your feelings. Something could come up with your home or family that causes emotional upheaval. Don’t become needy or avoid people too much during this time.Wear purple  to balance your heart chakra, your lucky no is 36.


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