Ex Minister Bali accused Jai Ram Government for withdrawing doctors from Tanda Medical college

Oct 29, 2020 19:05 | Poltics

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma ) 29/10/2020

Sr Congress leader and Former Transport Minister GS Bali said that the common man is not getting medical required general facilities at Tanda Medical College Hospital due to the lack of doctors. He said that the congress led government had made complete arrangements to provide medical facilities to the common people without hindrance at Tanda Medical College during their tenure.

Bali said, “Congress government separated the cadre of doctors of IGMC and Tanda Medical College Hospital, so that  the doctors of Tanda could serve regularly  in Tanda and the doctors of IGMC to work in Shimla. We brought doctors from Shimla to Tanda by giving them advance promotions. But in the current Jairam government, many doctors who were Posted in  Tanda Medical College cadre  got  their adjustments in  IGMC Shimla.” He added that Due to this arrangement, the number of doctors in Tanda Medical College has reduced and today the situation has become as such that the Tanda Medical College is working like a zonal hospital only. “Not only this, Tanda Medical College Hospital has been evacuated by sending some doctors and other staff  from Tanda to Shimla,  Hamirpur, Chamba, Nahan  and elsewhere,” said Bali.

Addressing a press conference in Dharamshala on Thursday Bali said that currently, Tanda's super specialty block is also closed and the  facilities that the common people should get here are not available any more.

He said that In the time of Corona, where unemployment is spreading everywhere, there have been retrenchment of nurses and Asha workers in the state and those who have not been retrenched are not getting proper honorarium on time.

On the school opening decision of the Himachal Government ,Bali commented that WHO has  indicated  that Corona will spread  again ,the HP Government should take a lesson from the growing cases of Delhi too . “In Delhi government opened schools and is now again shutting them down. It should also be considered in Himachal,” said Bali.