Faith, why Kali maata stands on lord Shiva

Nov 15, 2020 10:21 | Health & Religion

The Story behind, why Kali maata stands on lord Shiva*

The story goes like this:
Lord Brahma granted the boon to Raktaveeja that for every drop of his blood that fell on ground hundreds of demons like him would be produced. Thus the only way of slaying Raktaveeja was by not allowing even a drop of his blood to fall on the ground. Thereby Kali pierced him with a spear and drank all his blood as it gushed out.

It was time for Kali to begin her victory dance among the demon corpses. By now She was drunk from Raktabija's blood and the effect it had on Her caused her to dance wildly. As She danced She threw Her head back and again filled the skies with her shrill cackling. Her terrible laughter drew the attention of the gods who then came to see the outcome of the battle. They watched as she weaved in and out between the bodies og the demons. As she went she snatched up tokens of victory. From the demon hands she created a belt and from their heads she fashioned a garland which she wore around her neck. Her dancing grew more and more frenzied as she slipped into a trance. Her feet pounded out destruction with each step upon the earth. Soon the demon corpses were reduced to mush, yet Kali continued dancing. It seemed as though nothing would stop Her, and again the world was on the verge of collapse. Something had to be done, and soon. The gods begged Shiva to intervene and calm Kali before it was too late

Kali is often shown standing with her right foot on Shiva's chest. This represents an episode where Kali was out of control on the battlefield, such that she was about to destroy the entire universe. Shiva pacified her by laying down under her foot to pacify and calm her.