Adherence to safety norms only way to defeat Covid-19

Nov 26, 2020 13:37 | Feature & Viewpoint

Saptrishi Soni

At this critical juncture when the humanity across the globe is racked with pain caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the scare of its second wave is looming large. Even though the virus has led to the deaths of over 1.19 million people around the world, owing to lack of proper health care, the number of fatalities due to the deadly virus has been increasing manifold.

It has been around eight months since we came across this malady; it has drastically devastated countless human lives. What is worrisome is that we are not sure enough about when the remedy would come about and allay our unfounded fears. It is utterly terrifying that people do not even try to understand the significance of social distancing and the importance of wearing masks.

Have people forgotten the seriousness of maintaining social distancing and other safety protocols in India? We see with our naked eyes how people tend to flout social distancing norms in India, unmindful of its disastrous outcomes. The flagrant violation of the safety norms was witnessed recently during an agitation in Punjab and Bihar, where public cared two hoots for the safety measures, even as more than 35000 people were infected with Covid-19 during the last ten days.

A considerable number of people intermingling without following the safety norms is alarming. The Administration should have provided these agitating people with  masks or should have properly monitored  whether or not people participating in the agitation were adhering to the safety protocols. The lack of seriousness amongst the people and laxity on the part of the dispensations which allowed agitators to violate the safety norms in Punjab and Bihar has emboldened others to follow suit.

 However, there were directions either from the government or from the organizers on social distancing or adhering to other safety protocols, thus risking lives of people participating in the agitation. The police dispensation had to sweat it out to check the unruly crowd running the risk of contracting the virus.

As of now, medics have warned that the only way to steer clear from this harmful epidemic is to consolidate the safety measures and implementation of the rules in letter and in spirit. Keeping in mind that the virus has affected over 9 million people and 133 thousand people have lost their lives in India only. Although the mortality rate in our country is immensely high when compared to others other countries of the world, it does not give us the right to overlook the protocols since we are more exposed to this threatening disease. It is only in our hands to safeguard our future by acting responsively and follow all the regulatory orders in letter and in spirit mandated by the administration.