Why Hanumanji statues in orange

Dec 06, 2020 19:21 | Health & Religion

Hanumanji Statues are in orange colour: 

Since Hanuman is  Bal Brahmachari (unmarried / celibate), only men are allowed to worship and touch the idol. Women can worship him but should not touch the idol. Mostly idols are covered with saffron (Kesar). Saffron colour is mostly associated with Brahmacharya(bachelorhood).

It was told that once Hanuman asked Sita mata, why she wears a Sindhoor on her forehead. Sita mata replied “wearing a sindhoor on my forehead enhances the life of Sri Ram”!.

Sita’s answer overwhelmed Hanuman, and he thought, if a pinch of Sindhoor(kesari/orange)can increase the life span of Sri. Ram, then why not apply it all over my body so that Sri. Ram can live forever!.

Then he procured a bucket full of Sindhoor(kesari) and smeared his whole body with oil and Sindhoor!.


On the other side, Hanuman was born on a tuesday (mangalwar), the day of planet Mars or Mangal, the red planet!.