Why Mango is in yellow colour?

Apr 05, 2021 8:46 | Feature & Viewpoint

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Indus Valley Civilisation is the world’s oldest civilisation & most advanced and continuous civilisation

Why Mango is in yellow colour?

The deep yellow colour of mango fruits is due to the presence of beta carotene a common phytochemical within a group of 600 known carotenoids. Similarly the red colour development in apples and purple colour development in grapes are due to the formation of anthocyanin pigments in their skin.

How does  fins and gills help fishes ?

The gills (found under the gill covers) allow the fish to breath. As water moves over the surface of the gills, oxygen is absorbed - like lungs in land creatures. ... The Fins help the fish swim. The large muscles of the body actually do most of the work, but the fins help with balance and turning


Mahishasura was a buffalo Asura (Demon) in Hinduism. He is known among Hindus as a deceitful demon who pursued his evil ways by shape-shifting.[1][2][3] Mahishasura was the son of Mahisi (Buffalo), and the great-grandson of Brahmarshi Kashyapa. He was ultimately killed by Goddess Durga - after which She gained the epithet Mahishasuramardini ("Slayer of Mahishasura"). The Navaratri ("Nine Nights") festival eulogizes this battle between Mahishasura and Durga, culminating in Vijaya Dasami, a celebration of his ultimate defeat.

Note : These home tips followed in villages/ancient traditions, it is up to you to use it or not 

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