Why do North direction is so important for construction?

Apr 06, 2021 8:28 | Feature & Viewpoint

Facts about India 

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Why do North direction is so important for construction? 


SCIENTIFIC IMPORTANCE OF NORTH & EAST-FACING : We will get more sun light from windows , doors & ventilators in north side . East side and west side is also have this speciality . More Sun-Light in house will eliminate -harmful bacteria . North-Light provision will be given in North-Side of Roof for Industrial Buildings .
In olden times we use to locate direction according to pole star which is in north direction. North direction on Plan drawing is useful to the construction engineer to understand the orientation of what is shown on the drawing. North arrow on plan points to the North Direction of what is shown on the plan. Knowing north direction room planning becomes easier for architects.


North is most important cardinal direction in Vastu Shastra because the Owner of north direction is lord kubera- god of wealth and success.

How it works How  China clay (or kaolin) is made 

It is a product of altered granite, which has been affected by an interaction of the groundwater with the feldspar minerals within the granite to form kaolinite.
It is a clay that comes from chemical weathering of rocks in hot and moist climates. The main mineral in it is kaolinite. It is a light, fine and fluffy clay that makes it the perfect addition to our blended foot powder and foot soaks. It is typically the main ingredient you will find in commercial clay facial masks. 



In Vedic astrology, this Sanskrit word means 'five limbs' or 'five attributes' of the day:Thithi,Nakshatra,Yoga,Karana,and Vara(weekday). A panchānga  is a Hindu calendar and almanac, which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping, and presents important dates and their calculations in a tabulated form.


Note: These home tips followed in villages/ancient traditions, it is up to you to use it or not 
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According to studies, drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your metabolic rate. This is very important, especially for those people who are on a strict diet. Dehydration is one of the primary causes for the development of wrinkles in your skin, dark patches, and deep pores in the skin. Keeping your body hydrated as the day starts, helps promote a sustained flow of blood to your skin and releases toxins from your system.