First budget of ‘Amrit Kaal’ to lay foundation of developed India: Anurag Thakur

First budget of ‘Amrit Kaal’ to lay foundation of developed India: Anurag Thakur

Anurag Thakur, Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting and Youth Affairs & Sports called Union Budget 2023 as the first budget of ‘Amrit Kaal’ that would lay foundation of developed India.


“PM Modi is marching ahead to realise the dream of developed India. The first budget of ‘Amrit Kaal’ has laid the foundation for this. This Budget focuses on poor, women, labourers, middle class, youth, farmers, SC, ST, OBC and every section of society”, union minister Anurag Thakur said at a press conference, in BJP Headquarters in Jammu, in the presence of J&K BJP President Ravinder Raina, MP (Lok Sabha) Jugal Kishore Sharma, former Minister Pawan Gupta and party Chief Spokesperson Adv. Sunil Sethi on the Dias.


While enumerating the major points from the Budget 2023-24, Anurag Thakur said, “This is budget of happiness which is being appreciated by people from all sections and sector”.


“First time CAPEX outlay of Rs 10 lakh crore has been made, which is 33% more than the previous Budget. The enhanced CAPAX will strengthen the basic infrastructure and provide opportunities for more employment. Biggest ever outlay of Rs 240000 crore has been made for Railways, which is Nine times higher than the outlay made in 2013-14″ said Thakur.

scheme without collateral loans with less interest rates to be provided”, said Thakur.




“For Youth, lakhs of youth will be trained in internet of things, AI, 3D printing etc, under skill development initiative. Over 47 lakh youth will part of this initiative where they would also receive stipend. Besides, 30 Skill India International Centres for training youth, 3 centre of intelligence for AI to be set up,” he said.


“For middle class, tax slab has been raised to 7 lakhs which will be a boon. Relief is there in other slabs as well. Income tax processing time is reduced. During Covid times, indirect tax like GST collection has increased and direct taxes have also increased which helps in the infrastructure build up and public welfare works”, said Thakur.


During Covid times, interest free loans for 50 years provided to state governments to help them rebuild their infra, has been further extended to boost development.


“80 crore poor will get free ration. For priority household will also get free ration under this budget for which Rs 2 lakh crore have been allocated. 11 crore farmers already got kissan samman nidhi costing 226000 crore. Fertilizer, urea rates were not increased. Storage facilities for grains at Panchayat level to enable farmers to sell their crop at their will to get good rates. Millets will be promoted to provide benefit to small farmers. Fisheries is given priority along with dairy and animal husbandry”, said Thakur.

Youth have faired well in start-ups under Modi government. Youth must be job provider. 90000 start ups I India now. India has become 3rd largest ecosystem of start ups in the world. 107 have earned title of unicorn. Now we have given income tax rebates for 1 more year.

Mahila samman bachat patra for women empowerment with better interest rate of 7.5% has been announced.

Last mile connectivity is being promoted. Coal, cotton, mining transportation is being given priority. Urban facilities are being increased with Rs 10000 crore fund.

To promote Tourism sector special fund is created to promote new destinations as International destinations. Unity malls will be opened.

Waste to wealth schemes like govardhan scheme is being promoted. Green economy is promoted like Hydrogen with Rs 35000 crore rupees allocation. This Green energy sector itself has the potential to create 8 lakh jobs , he said.

Agniveer Corpus fund is created, which will be tax-free. 5 G launch and Technology centers in engineering colleges will be developed.

Drawing the major differences in the UPA and NDA government, Anurag Thakur stressed that in 2013-14 Rs 21933 crore was kept for agriculture which is now Rs 125000 crore. 52504 crore rupees were kept for Home ministry while now it is Rs 196000 crore. Rs 23000 crore were kept for Defence while now it is Rs 594000 crore. 25849 were kept for Road transport -270000 crore. Rs 63363 crore were kept for Railways while now it is 240000 crore. Rs 100000 crore were kept for Consumer affairs while now it is Rs 206000 crore. Rs 80194 crore rwere kept for Village while now it is 160000 rupees. Rs 79451 crore were kept for Education while now it is 112000 crore . Rs 37330 crore rupees were kept for Health while now it is 88936 crore rupees. Rs 864 crore rupees were kept for Sports while now it is 3397 crore rupees in Modi government.

“The development oriented budget has more than doubled under Modi government, while the Income has also doubled in these years”, said Anurag Thakur.

Thakur further said that the Economic growth of our Nation is expected at 7% which is more than any bigger economies of the world. He said that now our Nation has reached 5th number from 10th number economy in the world. We have increased transparency in the governance, distributed 220 crore free vaccines, free ration to 80 crore people. Modi government has managed Covid marred time extremely well while steering India to greater development, Thakur added.

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