Police nabbed snatcher

Feb 03, 2011 15:39 | Poltics

PAONTA Police nabbed Rajesh Kumar s/o Sukh Ram from
Muradabad (U.P.) who snatched money purses from two ladies at PAONTA
Sahib recently.
       Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Paonta Sahib Dr. J. Shiv Kumar
said that accused alongwith other person snatched purses from two
ladies near banks at different instances when they collected cash from
banks. He said that accused on motorcycle watched first who collected
big amount from bank and after following them they snatched purses and
       Kumar said that in first instance Rajesh snatched Rs. 70000/- from
the lady near Punjab National Bank while at second time he and other
snatched Rs. One lakh from lady near Union bank. He said that on
getting secret information a team of police was sent to Muradabad and
Rajesh was arrested. He said that after interrogation the other person
and motorcycle would also be located.