Bank accounts of Karmapa backed trust frozen

Feb 07, 2011 17:27 | Poltics

Bank accounts of Karmapa backed Trust frozen


Vikram Chaudhary


Bank accounts of Trust backed by Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje and its trustees have

been frozen in connection with the probe into the seizure of a huge amount of foreign

currency from a transit home ofthe Tibetan spiritual leader.


Two trustees Gompu Tshering and Tenzin Namgyal haveapplied for anticipatory bail,

while police have arrested seven persons, including Karma Thapa and his wife Rinzin,

inthe case so far.


Police had recovered foreign currency worth Rs 7.5crore during raids on the premises of

the Karmapa backed Trustat Gyuto Monastery at Sidhbari near Dharamsala after it seized

Rs one crore from a vehicle on Una border on January 25 alongwith documents

pertaining to land deals.


While the police and Enforcement Directorate sleuths have quizzed Karmapa and his

aides in connection with sourceof foreign currency, including Chinese currency, the


investigating agencies claim to have got vital leads about purchase of benami land plots.


Himachal Pradesh has a stringent law that bans purchase of land by any non-

agriculturists including bonafide Himachalis without the permission of the government.


The permission for purchase of land in relaxation of Section 118 of HP Tenancy and

Land Reforms Act is given by the government for projects, institution and bonafide

Himachalis but the Tibetans, who have a "refugee" status, cannot purchase any land.


Police sources said that some of the deals where land had allegedly been purchased in the

name of local people but buyers were not able to disclose the source of money are under

scanner and these are suspected to have been purchased by Tibetans.


Chief Minister P K Dhumal has told the Tibetan leadersthat all benami land transactions

would be probed and action would be taken against those facilitating

these "illegal"transactions.


Dhumal also apparently snubbed the Tibetan leaders whoc alled on him at Dharamsala

yesterday for holding processions and candlelight marches and said that these were"



News and photographs about previous marches have now been removed from the official

website of the Karmapa.


Police have so far arrested seven persons-- Ashutoshand Sanjay Dutt at Una border,

Shakti Lama, a key functionaryof the Trust, Dharamsala based hotelier K P Bharadwaj

andmanager of Ambala Branch of Corporation BranchD K Dhar and the Thapa couple.