IOC will set up oil pipe line terminal at Amb in Una district.

Mar 02, 2012 13:36 |

Dharamsala/Arvind Sharma

Himachal Pradesh oil carriers’ dosnt need to go to Ambala or Jalandhar to meet the petroleum need of the state in future which shall lesson the transportation cost on one hand and the time saving on the other.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) would expand its oil pipeline from Jalandhar to Amb in Himachal Pradesh to help the state for the easy transportation of the Petrolium products in the state. A company spokes person said that, currently, petroleum items are being transported from IOC oil terminals at Ambala and Jalandhar  to Himachal Pradesh. He said that the company has proposed to extend oil pipeline from Jalandhar till Amb in Una district of Himachal covering 65-70 km which will involve cost of around Rs 140 crore.  It has also been proposed to set up a new oil terminal at Amb having capacity of 30,000 kilo litres (KL).

Sources say that the land for setting up the terminal in Himachal Pradesh has been identified in Amb and the Company have been assured by the state government that 50 acres of government land will be handed over to it. It shall add a sum of Rs 30-35 crore, excluding land cost, for the setting up the terminal. The whole project will take at least three years for completion which includes land acquisition, environment clearance etc.

This decision of IOC shall help in the future growth and development of the state. By the setting up of this terminal the stage can also  be set for the pipe line supply of LPG in the state