Mass clean up in Mcleod Ganj

Apr 09, 2012 16:08 | Health & Religion

Mass clean up in Mcleod Ganj of the World Health Dayanother planned for World Earth Day on April 22

400 volunteers, including locals and foreigners took part

Dharamsala/arvind sharma

In view of the World Health Day on April 7, Clean Upper Dharamshala Programme (CUDP) under the aegis of The Tibetan Settlement Office (TSO) organized a mass clean-up on Saturday. The event saw more than 400 volunteers, including locals and foreigners; turn up to clean up Mcleod Ganj, the mini Tibet. ‘At least 600 bags of waste, weighing up to a tone, were collected in just one day. The waste collected will be segregated and the recyclable wasted will be sent for recycling,” said Tenzin Mewang, environment coordinator

The areas behind the vegetable market, the dustbin at the end of the road were cleared and a few NGOs concentrated on Jogiwara road. New dustbins will be put up all over town in a few days. 

Mcleod Ganj being the home to the 14th Dalai Lama and a major tourist destination, the CUDP office enlisted the support of local NGOs. The schools near send their students to help with the clean-up as a project in lessening our carbon footprint.

“The response we got for our mass clean-up was overwhelming. A number of tourists who had come for the weekend also joined in clearing up the town. We hope for such positive response for all our initiatives,” said Tenzin Mewang.

After the municipality of Dharamshala handed the sanitation contract to CUDP on April 1, 2012, this is the first mass clean up organized in this year. CUDP has employed more sweepers to keep the area clean after this mass event. There will be more initiatives planned for the World Earth Day on April 22, including planting of saplings.