Bohal Talia panchayat in Rajgarh won Rs 5 lacs

Apr 10, 2012 18:12 | Poltics

S.P,Jerath:Nahan:- Bohal Talia panchayat dominated by scheduled caste population under Rajgarh tehsil of sirmour district was once considered most backward panchayat has won cash award of Rs five lakh being declared as the panchayat on division level.

District rural development agency (DRDA) said that the panchayat came into existence about 15 year back and in 2009 the panchayat members along with villagers decided to introduce as   novelties and so declared open defection-free village. That constructed toilets in their houses and installed garbage collection points and panchayat received Maharishi  Balmy Award of Rs 10,000 /- on block level.

The pnchayat continued the changes; the villagers started utilizing solid –waste and waste water of kitchen and toilets. The villagers prepared manure from soft waste gasbags by mixing it with cow dung. The wastage like mirror and paper being disposed to “kabadi” for generating income by mahila mandal.they also purchasing  polythene at Rs 4/-per kg. For further selling it to P.W.D.

The villagers magnificently developed a system for proper utilization of waste water for which collective soak chambers have been constructed. The women of village made smokeless “chulha” as an integral part of life.

DRDA hoped that other panchayats of district sirmour and state would follow the working of this ideal panchayat.