Now free dress for school students in Himachal

May 05, 2012 19:33 | Poltics

Arvind Sharma

After free study, free books, free food in the government run schools of Himachal, the students till the matriculation level would be given stitched uniforms twice in a year.  A spokes person of the Education department in the state said that with this scheme 10.5 lakh students shall be benefited. Government has to spend a sum of Rs 64 crore for this. Known as the  Atal School Uniform Yojna, the scheme shall be launched  on May 9 by BJP National head Nitin Gadkari.

Government has also declared that students who shall capture the first 4000 positions in the state board matriculation exam shall be given free lap tops.

 The government is also providing the scholarships worth crores of rupees in so many categories to students studying in the government schools. The spokes person said that the students in Himachal Pradesh travelling more than 5 km from their home to school daily are getting  special aid from the state government.,

He said that every student covering a distance of 5 to 8 km daily is getting a scholarship of Rs.200 per month, while those travelling over 8 km get Rs.300 per month. 22,500 students are being benefitted.

The school study is being made high tech in a phased manner in the state

Himachal Pradesh has over 15,000 Primary and Higher Secondary government schools