Water pollution spread by industries creates problems for residents

Jun 11, 2012 10:42 | Feature & Viewpoint

S.P,Jerath:Nahan June 10:-Water pollution being spread by the industries established at kala-Amb and Paonta sahib industrial area of Sirmour district. But the state pollution control board failed to control the same .The residents in thousands residing at the bank of these rivers alleged that the water of the rivers had become so polluted could not be used for bathing what to talk of drinking.

The residents of Kala-Amb area including Pritam Singh,Ramesh Chand ,Ramkishore ,Hari Ram,Chander Mohan,Amar singh,Baldev etc. said that water of Markanda river had become so much polluted that if animal used to drink had various type of diseases. They said that water could never be used for human use and the state pollution control board must come forward to check the water at the earliest.

Similarly the residents of Paonta sahib area including Harkrishan ,Brajinder singh ,Ompraksh,Iqbal Mohamad,Yaseen Kureshi,Mohan singh etc. said that the polluted water of local Paonta town,Gurudwara,mandir situated at the bank of Yamuna river which had polluted the river water but no action was taken by executive engineer ,pollution control office Paonta sahib. They said that similar condition could be seen prepared by the industrialist established at bank of Batta  ,Giri Tons rivers where openly the polluted water being thrown for the last many years but no check being done by the concerned XEN so far. They said that in case XEN could have taken stern action against these industries,the increasing pollution could have been control.