Dhumal ensured still no water for fifty thpusand in Renuka

Aug 01, 2012 17:02 | Poltics

More  than  50  thousand   residents  of  Nahan town will  not  be  able  to  get  drinking  water  facilities  from Renuka  lift water  supply  scheme  during  the  period  of  present government  as  the  work  on  the  scheme for  which  foundation stone  was  laid  by  Himachal  Chief  Minister  P.K.Dhumal  on October  14,  2011 is  still waiting  to  start  work. The  IPH department  failed  to  lay  the  single  brick  so  far  while  the department had already  received  RS. 7  Crore  for  the scheme.

When  foundation  stone  was  laid  the  then  Health  Minister  Dr. Rajiv  Bindal, IPH  Minister  Ravinder  Ravi  and  Chairman Himachal Co-operative  Bank  Chander  Mohan  thakur  were  present  where Dhumal  announced  to  introduce  water supply very  shortly  as  the sum  of  Rs.  53  Crores  for the  scheme  had  already  been sanctioned.
In  fact  the  IPH  department  failed  to  obtain  the No-Objection-Certificate   (NOC)  from the  forest  department  before
laying  the  foundation  stone  of  the  scheme  and  so   created problem  to  IPH   to  get  NOC  from  forest  department  to start work on  the  sanctioned  scheme.  The  residents  of  Nahan  town would  face  the  problem  as  they  would  not  be able  to get  the water  supply as   scheduled  by  the  present government.  The present  government  had  only  few  months to  rule  and  the residents had  to  wait  the  next  government  to rule.  The  people and  voters  feel  that  if  the  present government  repeat,  they would  get  proper  water  supply  in  the  town  very  near  future.