CD case though still in Court, buried outside it: Mankotia

Nov 01, 2012 18:08 | Poltics

Dhumal lead BJP government only encouraged Land Mafia : Sudhir


Dharamsala (arvind sharma)

The re inducted congress leader and party candidate for Shahpur constituency Major Vijay Singh Mankotia had indicated that the CD related enmity between him and Vir Bhadra Singh have been burried  outside the court  , and about the cases in the court, the legal opinion is being taken. Talking to press at Dharamshala  Mankotia Said, ”the case have been buried outside the court .” He said The Singh too has register defamation cases against him (Mankotia), and Singh will decide about that.

Mankotia when asked about the matter said that Virbhadra when first time rang him said,”JO PICHEY HUA MAIN DFNA DENA CHAHTA HUN.” Mankotia said that then he (mankotia )too responded like,”SAHEB AAP 2 KADAM AAGE CHALEN TO MAIN 10 KAM CHALUNGA.” This was the telephonic conversation when Mankotia joined back the Congress Party. “But the Matter is still in the court, “said Mankotia

Mankotia distributed the property list of Dhumal and his son Anuraag in Jullundhur,Goraya,Phillour, New Delhi and Dharmshala of about 41.05 crore which he raised in last 5 years,

Sudhir Sharma party candidate from Dharamshala said”Kangra is missing from the development agenda of BJPunder P K Dhumal as the district lost 2500 crore during last 5 years in development sector.”Addressing this joint press conference he blamed that Dhumal deliberately cut down funding in Kangra district’s development because of his political enmity with Kishan Kapoor,Ramesh Dhwala,Rajan Shushant,Praveen Sharma,Vipin Parmar who were considered to be Shanta Kumar’s men. Both these leaders said that the Shanta ‘s group people have given in writing to the BJP high command that Dhumal and his son Anuraag are leading the most corrupt government in India. they blamed the government that the number of unemployed registered or otherwise have gone up to 16 lakh in the state of 68 lakh population in Dhumal’s regime. They said that Dhumal government had patronized only the land mafia in Himachal.

They said that congress if comes to power will inquire all misdeeds of BJP government.