4608359 Electors of H.P to exercise their franchise

Nov 02, 2012 22:26 | Poltics

As many as 4608359 electors can exercise their right of franchise  in H.P. Vidhan Sabha General Elections for the 68 Assembly Constituencies of the State on 4th November, 2012 which include 4533713 general electors and 74646 Service electors. Elaborate arrangements have been made to ensure peaceful, free and fair elections in the State.

Shri Narinder Chauhan, Chief Electoral Officer said here today that out of total 4608359 electors, 2376587 were male electors and 2231772 were female electors adding that  54321 were male service electors and 20325 were female service electors.

Giving details, Shri Chauhan said that District Chamba had total 319140 electors including 316085 General electors and 3055 service electors. District Kangra has total 1089325 electors out of which 1061236 are General Electors and 28089 Service Electors. District Lahul and Spiti has total 22344 electors out of which 21910 are General Electors and 434 Service Electors. Similarly, district Kullu has total 268398 electors out of which 267509 are General Electors and 889 Service Electors. In district Mandi there are total 700304 electors out of which 689195 are General Electors and 11109 are Service Electors. District Hamirpur has total 358506 electors out of which 346901 are General Electors and 11605 Service Electors. In district Una there are  357275 electors out of which 351492 are General Electors and 5783 Service Electors. District Bilaspur has total 275445 electors out of which 271103 are General Electors and 4342 Service Electors. District Solan has total 334628 electors out of which 330959 are General Electors and 3669 Service Electors. Similarly, in district Sirmour there are 312135 electors out of which 309402 are General Electors and 2733 Service Electors. In district Shimla, there are 519009 electors out of which 516538 General Electors and 2471 Service Electors. District Kinnaur has total 51850 electors out of which 51383 General Electors and 467 Service Electors.

3-Chamba Assembly Constituency has highest 68283 electors in Chamba District. It includes 68049 general electors and 234 Service electors. 14-Sullah Assembly Constituency has highest 89293 electors in Kangra District. It includes 86387 general electors and 2906 Service electors. 23-Kullu Assembly Constituency has highest 73707 electors in Kullu District. It includes 73396 general electors and 311 Service electors. 31-Jogindernagar Assembly Constituency has highest 84738 electors in Mandi District. It includes 82995 general electors and 1743 Service electors. 40-Nadaun Assembly Constituency has highest 80482 electors in Hamirpur District. It includes 78813 general electors and 1669 Service electors. 45-Kutlehar Assembly Constituency has highest 72596 electors in Una District. It includes 71190 general electors and 1406 Service electors. 47-Ghumarwin Assembly Constituency has highest 75415 electors in Bilaspur District. It includes 73885 general electors and 1530 Service electors. 50-Arki Assembly Constituency has highest 77927 electors in Solan District. It includes 76942 general electors and 985 Service electors. 56-Nahan Assembly Constituency has highest 67890 electors in Sirmour District. It includes 67047 general electors and 843 Service electors. 61-Theog Assembly Constituency has highest 74060 electors in Shimla District. It includes 73642 general electors and 418 Service electors. 14-Sullah Assembly Constituency has highest 89293 electors in the State.