Government to work on to improve school streangth

Feb 01, 2013 20:42 | Poltics

S.P Jerath:Nahan:- The state government trying to improve the strength of students in government school to show the maximum strength of students getting education in these schools but on the other hand the strength of the students had been reducing due to the loweducation standard  in these schools. The parents of the rural areas of this district had attractive towards the private schools beingopened in these areas in bulk these days only on the ground that the quality of the education in these schools is much better than the government schools in-spite of the fact that the private schools paying much less salary to the teachers than the government employees. It is surprising that the education board result had given higher percentage of private schools than government and even merit list had shown much more shining students of private schools during the final results.

As per record about 22 schools in Sirmaur District had less than 15 students in primary schools which include Changan (12 students ), Jeher (12), Bharoli (11), Bara Khashetar (9), Nav Barhwa  (11), Shiv
Sanog (12), Chooran (14), Siyasu (13), Kalam (11), Khuyinal (11), Dhanala (14), Jaong (11), Kutiyi Panara (11), Farog (11), Pidiya (13),Bhitar kuyi (13), Bravil Manar (13), Rohi (12), Chhai Bharmog, (6), Gehal Kanaga (7), Katal (11), Gattu (12) and Shinga (14). It is only because the government was not serious against the working of the teachers. The parent of the students said that in case the state government became serious, the teachers of the schools would become regular to teach the students and the results would also improve very shortly.