H.P to give boost to industrial growth

Feb 02, 2013 20:43 | Poltics

Government to accelerate pace of industrial development in the State

The present State Government is committed to accelerate the pace of industrial development in the State. Entrepreneurs are being invited to set up industrial units not only from other States but from abroad as well to be a partner in Himachal’s endeavour in translating the State into a modern entity. Environment friendly industries and industries based on local material and those industries which envisage more employment to local people are being given utmost priority.

 A Spokesman of the State Government said here today that Government of India had announced a Special Package of Incentives for Himachal Pradesh and Uttranchal on 7th January, 2003. Before the grant of industrial package, there were only 196 medium and large scale and 29966 small scale  industrial units in the State with combined  investment of Rs. 3082.68 crore and employment to 1,58,747 persons.

As a result of this package till date 1045 new medium and large scale project, 15175 new small scale projects and 432 expansion  proposals of the existing units have been approved with proposed investment of Rs. 48746.43 crore and proposed employment of 5.38 lakh persons.

Out of these projects approved form January, 2003 to 31st December, 2012, 298 projects in medium and large scale  sector, 8375 projects in small scale sector and 294 expansion  of existing units have come up with total investment of Rs. 13980.30 crore and employment to 1,15,586 persons. After  8673 new and 294 expansion units were actually  set up with total investment of Rs. 13980.30 crore and employment to 115586 persons  out of which 92543 persons are Himachalis.

He said that the State has now been able to position itself in some  niche sectors. Already Baddi-Barotiwala has emerged as the Pharma hub for North India. The State has also identified  Textiles, Agro food processing, Ayurvedic formulation, precision engineering, electronic and IT based industry, BT based industry and a few more such niche  sectors to be developed with appropriate forward and backward linkages so as to ensure sustained  industrial development in the State. Our comparative advantage in certain industries like tourism, Biotechnology, horticulture, floriculture, herbal based and hydro-power has been encouraged as the growth drivers for economic growth of the State. These sectors  have been kept in the thrust sector of industries.

The State Government is also ensuring atleast 70 percent employment to Himachalis in industrial sector for which a provision has been made in the industrial policy.