Shanta paid price for petty politics

Apr 01, 2013 20:44 | Poltics

S.P,Jerath:Nahan :- The supporters of most senior BJP leader presently Rajya Sabha member, two time state Chief Minister and remained in jail for 19 months at Nahan during emergency period 1975-77 were surprised to see the list of National executive in which the name of Shanta Kumar was not included. They felt that it was only due to the state politics of former state CM Prem Kumar Dhumal who tried to enter the name of his own son sitting MP Anurag Thakur by deleting the name of Shanta Kumar. The BJP leaders of Sirmaur District said that Dhumal played the politics during the state assembly elections also to defeat those candidates who were supported by Shanta Kumar.

When talked to Shanta Kumar on his mobile today, he said that BJP could be on power to repeat in Himachal if Dhumal not tried to create the problem to defeat those candidates supported by him. He said that it was only Dhumal who never wished to bring the BJP to power in state as Dhumal was having close links with the present congress party CM Vir Bhadra Singh. He said that under the present circumstances, Dhumal never liked to induct him in the National Executive and so he tried to induct his own son in the National  Executive  Committee.  He said that in case Dhumal extended the support for the success of all candidates during the last assembly elections, he could be the next CM of the state and congress was never to be in power here.