Fish productions is coming down in Himachal

Apr 05, 2013 8:05 |

A serious thought of the government is required for it

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )

Himachal has manmade lakes like Gobind Sagar,( a Bhakhra dam reservoir) and , Maharana Partap Sagar( a Pong dam reservoir) , which make up a 26,930 hectares of water bodies. It also had big water bodies over river Ravi, like Chamera and Ranjeet Sagar .Beside this the state has  many rivers ,ponds and streams where the fish is being reared. Himachal has been gifted by over 600 Kms of cold streams that are very suitable for  trout fish breeding ,besides this  over 2400 Kms of warm water rivers and streams are there in the state  in which Mahaseer like fish can be produced. But still the state is unable to produce the good results in fish production. Fishing is a failed subject in the state as per the figures and facts provided.

With such a vast natural resources, the Fishing has attracted just 4538 fishermen families in Himachal who generates an annual economy of about Rs 50 crores. These  includes 2094 families who are engaged in Govindsagar in Bilaspur and Una district, 2303 in Pong dam in Kangra, 118 in Chamera and 23 in Ranjeet Sagar dam in Chamba. However, it is unbelievable that only  45 registered co-operative societies are functioning in the state.

“In 2011-12, the state had recorded a total fish production of 8045 tons and the total business was valued at Rs 50.55 crore and  in 2012-13 the fish production had dropped to 7574.7 tons. For the year fishery recorded Rs 50.26 Cr of business,” said fishery minister Thakur Singh Bharmouri when inquired.

Fish production in Kangra district for 2012-13 was recorded at 2581 tons and was valued at Rs 14.65 Cr which was followed by Bilaspur district where production touched 1517.33 tons and carried a value of Rs 8.31 Cr.

Trout fish has a high yielding market and attracts tourists attached to angling in cold steams.  But it is too declining, In 2011-12 the cold streams and trout farms produced about 77 tons of fish, of which 18 tons came from government established farms and 59 tons production was recorded at private farms. Keeping in view the vast potential of trout in the perennial rivers, Himachal has become the first state in the country to introduce trout farming in the private sector. 

The main trout fish producing districts in the State are Kullu, Mandi, Kinnaur and Chamba. The State government is extending technical know-how, hatching troughs, eyed-eggs which are helping rural youths to get gainful employment.The producers supply the fish to consumers particularly in hotels as per demand.  The major quantity is being  sold to hotels at Delhi and in the State.