Health tourism on the verge of extinction in H.P

May 01, 2013 18:36 | Tourism

‘Health tourism on the verge of extinction in absence of flights, health center about to close’

Dharamshala (Yogesh Puri) : Health tourism which was budding due to Tibetan and Indian herbal treatment centers in this hill town is now on the verge of extinction in absence of regular flights. Health center operators said that they had enough footfalls of clients from across the world but now client base has almost nil. As, patients avoid lengthy routes through trains or by road to reach here. Air services are suspended here since last six months. 

Patients use to come here to Tibetan doctors who cure them with the Tibetan pathy ‘Sowa-rigpa’ which includes Tibetan medicines, astronomy and astrology.

While there are 517 commercially cultivated herbs, which was used by the Indian herbal centers for curing the patients with panchkarma, dash karma and other types of treatments.

Even, ‘Kangra Herbs’ an organization here has brought the remedy of cancer and HIV through herbal treatment. It has cured more than 1000 cancer patients with its herbal treatment in last 4 years.

“Patients usually avoids lengthy routes to reach here. Travelling by road or by train is an uphill task for them. We are getting queries on daily basis but when question comes to the travelling they usually avoid coming here” said SS Guleria, managing director of Kangra Herbs here.

Health center operators said that the health tourism was an emerging concept but when it was on its growing stage, cancellations of regular flights have given a major setback to this.

They said that client base has nil and many tutors of Naturopathy who have been hired from local or other from Delhi have been returned back.

Requesting the anonymity, one of the center operator said that they are going to close this business as they are now in debt and have to pay back heavy amount to the banks.

“Providing herbal treatment is quite expensive thing we have invest a lot of amount on this. Procuring herbs giving a suitable environment for the treatment to the patients is very expensive thing for us. Now, we are thinking of shifting our business as there is no assurity of starting of new flights” he said.

When contacted the airport authorities said that they had only one trial from the spice jet company few months back. Now, there is no response from them.

On the other side, representative of government said that they are trying their best. But backbone of the tourism industry has broken due to the non-result oriented efforts of the government.

Government had earlier failed to get anything for the railway and now it is the air services that are showing the inefficiency of the government.