Spiritual politics could only bring desired results: Rajnath Singh

Aug 05, 2013 12:31 | Poltics

Spiritual politics could only bring desired results for 2014 elections

Yogesh Puri 

Dharamshala: Rajnath Singh, National President of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) while addressing the state party meet held aiming the 2014 general elections at Palampur near here, said that presently country is reeling under the credibility crisis. Therefore, it is the spiritual politics which could bring the deadly results for the upcoming elections. Singh has arrived here for the inauguration of poll-preparation campaign which started on Friday, will conclude on Sunday.

Addressing to the gathering of former ministers and chief ministers, he said not to create differences among them over ticket issues. “Give up the greed for tickets and power, just work for the common cause. It is the BJP only which can save India from deepening fiscal and credibility crisis” he added.

“Spirituality can help people leave ego and power trips at the door and truly serve the good of others.  Politics can provide a practical arena for applying spiritual principles such as compassion, as instant feedback is given if someone doesn’t “walk the talk”— if their words are more pious than their deeds” said Singh stating that if he himself would be wrong then party workers should point out that.

Stating that remaining three Lok-Sabha seats of Himachal in upcoming general elections is a challenge, after Mandi seat lost to congress candidate, he asked workers to build up their personal character and don’t break the faith of public.

Bringing spiritual values such as altruism and courage into politics could offset the immense power of moneyed interests to influence policy, and offset the cynicism and apathy of much of the public” he said.

Targeting congress party at center he said that spiritualism doesn’t mean religion based politics butspirituality relates to one’s inner, moral-centered life in relation to transcendent.  It is concerned with qualities of the human spirit such as love and courage. “Congress has always adopted the divvide and rule politics but BJP is not did that. It is the workers of the party who could save the country from the crisis and could bring and congress free India means corruption free India” he added.

Former Chief Ministers, Prem Kumar Dhumal and Shanta Kumar were present at the meet with the entire squad former minister and sitting MLAs in state assembly.

NDA has already declared its PM candidate’s choice

Rajnath Singh while leaving the venue of poll-preparation campaign when asked by the media persons about the declaration of prime ministerial candidate for upcoming general elections said that the NDA has already declared its choice now it is the congress which is still perplexed over its leader for projecting as prime minister.

“We had already made our choice clear about the prime ministerial candidate and now it is the congress which has to declare the name of ties leader but they are still perplexed” said Rajnath while leaving for the airport.

Singh evaded declaring the name of the candidate but probably it is Narender Modi as he also mentioned his name in his speech while targeting the congress. He said that Congress is making baseless claims over the birth of the ‘Indian Mujahedeen’ that its origin was from the 2002 Gujrat riots. “This is all gimmick to blame our leader. If any body asks me to comment on this I usually say that congress has the bio-data of Indian mujahedeen’s, we don’t have” he said.