Apple should withdraw from China and disinvest: TCHRD

Aug 05, 2013 17:13 | Poltics

Yogesh Puri

Dharamshala:  Tibetan center for human rights and democracy from its headquarters here have demanded that Apple Company should withdraw from China and should disinvest their following to the discrimination against Tibetans at the Apple’s suppliers working in China.

“Apple suppliers’ discriminatory hiring practices in China demonstrate that Apple cannot protect and promote human rights in China.  All of Apple's laudable efforts to guarantee nondiscrimination have not succeeded and the human rights situation in Tibet and China has not improved.  Apple should now realize that the only way it can promote and protect human rights in China is by withdrawing and disinvesting from China” said TCHRD while issuing a statement here.

It further maintained that, Apple Supplier Code of Conduct expressly forbids discrimination in hiring decisions.  In 2012 Apple and third party auditors conducted almost 400 audits to ensure that its suppliers were following the code of conduct.  Despite all this Apple's suppliers in China are discriminating against Tibetans and other ethnic minorities.  This discrimination reflects policies adopted by the Chinese government

“Apple is not the first corporation to invest in a discriminatory country while still trying to protect and promote human rights.  In 1977, Reverend Leon Sullivan, a General Motors board member, created the Sullivan Principles.  The Sullivan Principles originally consisted of six voluntary principles for multinational corporations in South Africa to follow” the statement further read.

Targeting the Chinese government it raised allegations that reports of Apple's suppliers have discriminated against Tibetans and other ethnic minorities in the People’s Republic of China demonstrate that the systematic and brutal discrimination by the Chinese government also exists in the private sector.  “Chinese policies in Tibet subject Tibetans to religious persecution, forced displacement, arbitrary detention, torture, and murder.  Apple attempted to invest in China while still protecting and promoting human rights” it said.