Dalai Lama held closed door meet with CTA officials

Sep 03, 2013 20:33 | Tibet News

Dalai Lama held closed door meet with CTA officials on 53rd democracy day

Yogesh Puri 

Dharamshala: On the occasion of 53rd democracy day Dalai Lama has held a closed door meet with the officials of the Tibetan government in exile. All the senior officials were been to the Dalai Lama’s residence and meet went long for one and half hour, said sources.

It has been two years now since March 2011, that Dalai Lama had devolved his political role in exile government. 

Sources maintained that meeting was held regarding the growing controversies over middle way approach and shifting of Tibetan freedom struggle  to demand of genuine autonomy, among Tibetan community.

It was also aimed to review the working policies of the Central Tibetan administration and in view of the Tibetan task force meeting which is to be held in the upcoming months. Task force would be adding new member, added sources.

Dalai Lama’s envoys were in talks with China since 2002 but dialogue process was suspended after 2008 and China didn’t held any formal talks with the exile Tibetan government after 2010. There were six rounds of talks were held till 2008. Since then it has suspended all formal talks with the exile government. 

After the Tibetan government has decided to demand a genuine autonomy from the China for Tibetan region a difference has come with the Tibetan freedom groups working for the freedom and the exile set-up.

“Till the devolution of the powers by Dalai Lama Tibetan people and administrations were all dependent on the Dalai Lama’s office but after this decision of our spiritual leader, it was quite difficult to maintain the same thing among the exile community. Therefore, these things were reviewed and discussed about the future policies” said source.

“He’s my boss,” the Dalai Lama had said in May, 2012 for Tibetan Prime Minister-in-exile Lobsang Sangay, adding: “Although, when it comes to spiritual affairs, I’m still his boss.”

He made the remark while introducing Sangay, democratically elected to the office last year, to the press in Austrian capital Vienna. “This young man was born in India, but completed his education at Harvard University,” he had said.

“Since the Tibetan prime minister was first elected in 2001, I have been semi-retired. But after Lobsang Sangay was elected last year, I thought the time was right. So I retired completely and handed my political responsibilities to him,” he had said.

Meanwhile, Tibetans in exile celebrated their 53rddemocracy day with full fervor in the main Buddhist temple. Fifty-three years ago, it was on this day, that the first Tibetan people’s representatives took oath of office at Dharamshala, India. This was the initial step towards a future in exile, guided by the principles of democracy envisioned by His Holiness the Great Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet.