Mankotia demanded shutting down of few mini hydel projects around Dharamshala

Sep 05, 2013 15:34 | Poltics

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )

The ex minister of Himachal-cum-sr. leader of Congress Maj. Vijay Singh Mankotia has written a request to Chief minister Himachal Vir Bhadra Singh to constitute an inquiry commission on the so called heavy irregularities of few Mini Power projects  working around Dharamsala. He demanded their immediate closure till green signaled by commission. Mankotia alleged, “Because of the Violations of all norms by these firms the villages near the project sites  are facing danger of extinction.” He said that Dhiyara village near Boh and Uni village near Chari are sinking-sliding and hundreds of villagers are either shifting or living under the blanket of fear. Mankotia said, “These allotments were made by the previous BJP government of the state compromising with the norms to help their close associates.”

Speaking to Media at Dharamshala on Thursday Mankotia said,” I approached the district administration many times but it seems that administration is chair bound now, as none of the official visited these affected areas.” He said that ex president of Boh Panchayat  Gagan Singh, who is the husband of present pradhan Boh Panchayat has got an  information on a RTI from forest department Dharamsala . this  have also indicated the major violation of norms in the power project near the village.

Mankotia said, “Recently some area of Teera Lines on Dharamsala –Mecleodganj road  slided  destroying around two dozen houses, due to the unprecedented rainy weather, which started in June and is still on. Now similar danger is prevailing on Dhiyara and Uni villages, where ecology and environment was unbalanced by the owners of mini hydel  projects-who are doing illegally cutting and felling trees, illegally  mining and doing unauthorized  dumping of waste, creating blockage to the streams.”