Bring central university under one campus: BJP’

Oct 01, 2013 11:50 | Poltics

‘Don’t’ befool the public, bring central university under one campus: BJP’

Yogesh Puri

Dharamshala: Taking a dig over the urban development minister Sundhir Sharma, congress candidate from this hill destination his rival Kishan Kapoor, the former Transport minister of BJP has stated that sitting minister is taking an advantage of the hopes and entice of the public on Central University campus which said to be established here and minister wants to keep the pot boiling, he said.

He told the media persons here that since the assembly elections, the minister is making announcement in air and nothing have come on the ground so far. “He has won elections and faith of the people on this issue that university campus would be brought at Dharamshala but now the things are changing slowly as it would be established partially in Dehra and here” said Kapoor.

He said that this situation is very rare when a single university would have its different campuses in two parts with a distance of around 50 KMs from one place to other. “This would not only bother the students of the university but would also change the scenario for staff university and people of this region” minister added.

Kishan Kapoor who had lost elections to Sudhir Sharma recently has given a awareness call to the minister to use his portfolio and for the benefit of the students of the university and the people of the region he should plead the case with the authorities concerned to bring the university in one place.

“He should use his stature and portfolio of a minister to plead the case in interest of the masses” said minister.

On the other hand, reports have revealed that a committee working for the establishment of the central university has already done scrutiny of the area. Sources have told that efforts are being made by the minister to keep his promises among the people to bag the upcoming parliamentary election for the party, but some clearances and need of the land for the university are obstacles. Some parts of the university would be established in Dehra, said